Tourist Attractions of Choquequirao

The principal Tourist Attractions of Choquequirao also appear to have had a symbolic purpose of a similar nature as almost all are facing towards sacred mountains.

Ushnu of Choquequirao:

Tourist Attractions of Choquequirao, The excavations carried out on the truncated mountain called Ushnu, located in the heart of Choquequirao, have also added to the understanding of the ritual and sacred function of this place.

Remains of small stone walls were found oriented towards two of the most important hills of the place: Corihuayrachina to the north east and Pumasillo to the North West, and From here we can see the great Apurimac Canyon and beautiful Andean landscapes.

usnu de choquequirao

In the Inca age, Ushnu was administrative and ceremonial platform located in the main square of Cusco, upon which the Inca presided over ceremonies, offered sacrifices to the gods or inspected the army.

Other parts of the empire, such as in the mountains, known for filtering the rain water, the Ushnus also related to the world below and served as observatories, and location points of how to get to Choquequirao.

In the course of time, the term Ushnu became used to designate the truncated hills of the central part of the Andes, such as Choquequirao.

The house of the priest:

House of the priest is located on the heights of the southern slopes of Choquequirao.

This building is oriented towards the sacred mountains or Apus, that surround the site and act as a calendar. The most important of these is Apu Ampay, located to the south east.

casa del sacerdote

Incas Channels at Choquequirao:

The study of the system of channels and platforms show that the Incas as well as the pre-Incas of the region were masters in the engineering of these structures built during the late period, and that were renovated and consolidated during the pre-hispanic period.

canales incas

Choquequirao Llamas Terraces

In the upper terraces, located a little below the main square, one can make out geometric symbols composed of a broken line and various checkerboards painted in white against a natural background of rocks.

On the lower terraces one can observe a series of adult llamas accompanied by their young, organized into troupes of 23 llamas and a small stylized man that could be a shepherd.

lamas of choquequirao