Choquequirao Trek Information

The trek to Choquequirao is one of the most challenging in Cusco, for which reason we have put all the necessary information at your disposal here (choquequirao trek information).

Keep this information in mind and take a look at the highest and lowest points of the walk, the location of Choquequirao. The months of the year which are most favorable, the difficulty level, the physical condition needed to do the trek and above all the availability.

Location of Choquequirao:

Choquequirao is located in the Santa Teresa district, in the province of La Convencion, to the west of the city of Cusco, in the middle of dense vegetation and on the right hand bank of the river Apurimac. It is around 32 km from Cachora, a village where one begins the trek (choquequirao trek information).

How to get to Choquequirao:

To do the Choquequirao Trek 5 Days or 4 Days, we usually offer a private transport service which takes us from Cusco to Cachora, the start of the walk.

If you wish to do this walk on your own you can take a bus on the Cusco-Abancay route which leaves in the mornings from the terrestrial terminals in Cusco or you can also find cars that take the same route from Arcopata.

We recommend doing this trek with a tour agency that has the whole trip organized and thereby avoid all the hassles, and of course ideally with us: CHOQUEQUIRAO TRAVEL!

Climate on the trek to Choquequirao

The Choquequirao Trek 4 Days is done at an altitude lower than Cusco, so for this reason we will get very hot during a large part of the route, despite feeling a little cold at night on the second day.

The rainy and dry seasons even apply to Choquequirao as we have to remember that it is an Andean zone, with the two well-defined seasons, the rainy from November to March and the dry, from April to November.

Maximum and minimum altitudes on the route to Choquequirao

The trek to Choquequirao has a maximum altitude of 3035m in the main square and a minimum of around 1500 m. At La Playa Rosalina, one point in our favor is that the climate is warm and we won’t have any problems with altitude sickness.

Physical Condition to do the Trek to Choquequirao

To do this trek one needs to be in good shape physically and mentally as it requires higher levels of exertion that the Inca Trail or to Salkantay.

But we count on a team of guides and horsemen that will be at your service and will make this trek a unique experience.

Age to do the Choquequirao Trek

Any age is okay to do this excursion as long as one is in good shape and doesn’t have any trouble walking. Children under the age of ten that take part in the trek will be under the responsibility of their parents.

Choquequirao Trek Difficulty Level

We have created a framework for the difficulty level involved in our treks:

  1. Easy: The trek does not require much physical effort and can be done by children under the guidance of their parents.
  2. Moderate: For people who do some type of sport or are used to walking over any type of surface.
  3. Challenging: This level requires one to have plenty of experience on treks of over 5 or 6 hours.
  4. Demanding: Requires one to have good resistance, physical strength and experience in trekking.
  5. Strenuous: Accessible to those who are physically and mentally prepared for a trek involving great effort, and a level of adventure where one must bring one’s own gear.
Difficulty level for Choquequirao Trek
1 2 3 4 5
Easy Moderate Challenging Demanding Strenuous
 X X

Choquequirao Trek Availability

As regards the availability of the trek to Choquequirao. The regulatory body is the Ministry of Culture and throughout the year we won’t encounter any problem in finding spaces (choquequirao trek information).

However, the cost of entrance is currently S/ 55.00, rising to S/ 60.00 in 2022. We hope you will find choquequirao trek information useful.