Choquequirao Cable Car

Choquequirao cable car is a project which aims to bring a new access route to the Inca city of Choquequirao. To that end the project will unite two regions along the canyon, from the village of Kiuñalla, located in the Huanipaca district and that of Yanama in the district of Santa Teresa.

This project will be a great focal point for the development of the Cusco and Apurimac regions, since it will make Choquequirao an attractive tourist destination, and since then we are a Choquequirao Trek Operator, offering a new option for our visitors in addition to Machu picchu.

Description of the Project:

According to PROINVERSION, which is the state organization in charge of investment and privatization, this project will have a cost of USD $54.3 million and the company which carries out the works will have a concession of 22 years. This is a preliminary cost only, subject to change in the future.

The Choquequirao cable car will be of the swaying type, which means that the cabins will be on each end of the cable travelling in opposite directions, with one going and one coming back.

The trip would be around 15 minutes in each direction, with a capacity of 400 people per hour. With an additional three stations distributed along the Canyon itself, it will have a total length of 5.4 kilometers approximately. The following will be the sections of the route:

Choquequirao Cable Car Section 1:

This section will begin at the Kiuñalla station (2975m) in the village of the same name, Huanipaca district, to the Pajonal station (2476m), Yanama district. This section will have a length of 3.5 kilometers and a maximum altitude of 806 meters above the river Apurimac.

Choquequirao Cable Car Section 2:

This second section will begin at Pajonal station to Choquequirao (3,271m). This section will have a length of 1.9km. and from here the access to the Inca city will only be a few minutes.

If this project is carried out, the Choquequirao Trek to Machu Picchu could be done in just 6 days