Inca Astronomy and Choquequirao

Inca Astronomy and Choquequirao, Due to its particular location, on a leveled-off mountain and with totally clear skies.

Choquequirao Information about the Ushnu of Choquequirao was highly appropriate for the observation of the neighboring mountains and of the stars.

In addition, in the evening, at exactly 10° to the south, the constellation of the southern cross appears and a little bit later, the stars of Alpha and Beta Centauri and the Milky Way.

For the shepherds of the Andes, both stars were seen as the eyes of a great celestial llama, known as Yacana, whose body was lost in the Milk Way.

Considered a celestial river, the Milky Way was home to many animals and mythical characters.

Among which Yanaca stands out, with its young lead by a shepherd, as well as a snake, a fox, a toad, a cat of many colors called Choquechinchay and the storehouses for crops used in the month of May.

The Inca Astronomy and Choquequirao was important for agriculture. These characters are made up of many dark patches in the Milky Way, that are actually clouds of interstellar dust.

In the pre-hispanic Andes, the Zodiac was used to determine important dates in the life of peasants and helped Shepherds guide themselves in their journeys around the mountains with their flocks of llama.

Therefore, there is no doubt that the Ushnu of Choquequirao was used as a great observatory for this purpose, This is part of the history of Choquequirao.