Choquequirao Trek to Huanipaca 5 Days

  • Choquequirao Trek to Huanipaca 5 days

  • Choquequirao Huanipaca 5 Days

  • Alternative Trek to Choquequirao 5 days

  • Caminata Choquequirao Huanipaca 5 Dias

Trip Overview

Choquequirao Trek to Huanipaca 5 Days is designed for adventurers who wish to experience a trekking route different from the others, such as the Inca trail, where it often isn’t possible to find spaces. The Alternative trek, Choquequirao Trek to Huanipaca 5 Days offers us one of the most amazing and incomparable experiences


Choquequirao Trek to Huanipaca 5 Days is designed for adventurers who wish to experience a trekking route different to the others, such as the Inca trail, where it often isn’t possible to find spaces. The Alternative trek, Choquequirao Trek to Huanipaca 5 Days offers us one of the most amazing and incomparable experiences that has to be done at least once in our lives.

The most outstanding sights are the two-floor houses occupying the heart of the site, a fountain and a possible temple, a lovely stone wall and the large enclosures called kallankas, with their doors that lead nowhere and internal niches in trapezoid shapes that had the function of temples or meeting houses during Inca ceremonies.

Hundreds of platforms of all types and shapes, occupy the western and eastern slopes, which were used to cultivate products such as corn, potatoes or quinoa, indispensable to the small population. And perhaps coca, used by the elite as a display of their power.

Alternative Trek to Choquequirao 5 Days is full of beautiful landscapes including the impressive Apurimac Canyon, which we will have to cross to get to Choquequirao.

According to new archaeological discoveries this Inca city is actually twice the size of Machu picchu. If you have 4 days to spare during your stay in Cusco, why not take a trip to Choquequirao under the guidance of our team at PERU ANDEAN TRAVEL.


Choquequirao Trek to Huanipaca 5 Days Itinerary

Day 1: Cusco – Cachora – Chiquisca – La Playa – Santa Rosa

We leave Cusco very early in the morning at 4:30am for the community of San Pedro de Cahora, where we will arrive after a 4 hour journey.

In the presence of the majestic snowcapped peak Padreyoc (5570m), we will meet with the team who will make our adventure possible. After inspecting all our camping equipment, the mules and the horses we set off for the viewing point at Capuliyac, from where we can appreciate the whole Apurimac valley.

We will take a rest before this amazing view and then continue on towards Cocamasana, Chiquisca and Playa Rosalina, surrounded by picturesque landscapes as we go. Finally we get to Santa Rosa where we will spend the night.

Day 2: Santa Rosa – Marampata – Choquequirao

Once again we get up very early, and after breakfast we begin our hike towards Choquequirao, with more views of the impressive Apurimac Canyon, where we can see its huge depth, many rock formations and the course of the river.

Beginning our ascent, we arrive at Marampata from which point we will have a great view of the archaeological complex of Choquequirao in the distance. We will continue the walk to Choquequirao camp.

Then, after lunch, We will visit the lower part of Choquequirao where the Pacchayoc archaeological center is located. We camp here under the stars and with the sounds of the wildlife all around us.

Day 3: Tour Choquequirao Full Day

we will get to see all the architecture of this last refuge of the Incas, We will visit the most important places of Choquequirao and the sacred precincts.

In the afternoon hopefully we will see the flight of the condors, who make their appearance at around 3pm in the afternoon, soaring ever higher. We spend the nigth at Choquequirao camp.

Day 4: Choquequirao – Playa San Ignacio – Villa Loros

After breakfast we will visit the complex itself and be fascinated by the great mastery and intelligence of the people who built this place, located high above the Apurimac Canyon and that today makes us return our gaze towards the glorious era of the Inca empire. At midday we will have to begin our descent towards San Ignacio with great views along the way, finally arriving at Villa Loros to camp for the night.

Day 5: Villa Loros – Huanipaca – Kiuñalla – Cusco

After breakfast, we begin our hike towards Huanipaca, a vestige of the colonial epoch and the hard work under pressure of the local laborers. Now this zone subsists purely on agriculture and cattle.

We will then continue on and visit the community of Kiuñalla, passing by a spectacular viewing point of the same name, where we be able to observe in all its splendor the glacial waterfall of Sacsarayoc, located in the Vilcanota region.

The Corihuayrachina mountain where Choquequirao is located, the Apurimac canyon and Apu Ampay. After this impressive view, we take the bus back to Cusco.



  • Pick-up at hotel.
  • Private bus from Cusco to Cachora. (4 hrs).
  • Professional bilingual guide.
  • Meals throughout the trip (3 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 3 dinners).
  • New camping gear (triple tents for two people, dining tent, kitchen tent, table, chairs, bathroom tent etc)
  • Other: hot water each morning and night to wash yourself. Boiled water to fill your bottles each morning and night and sufficient time to eat lunch.
  • Accommodation for our guide, cook and horseman
  • First aid kit and oxygen.
  • Mules to carry the camping gear and your belonging.
  • Horseman (for one to three mules)
  • Specialized cook.
  • Private bus from Cachora to Cusco, including transport to your hotel in Cusco.

Not Included

Not Included

  • Dinner and lunch on the last day
  • Authorized entrances for the archaeological park of Choquequirao.
  • Private mule for carrying personal belongings.
  • Sleeping bag.
  • Tips.



  • Backpack.
  • Walking shoes for Alternative trek to choquequirao 4 days.
  • Warm clothing.
  • Waterproof jacket or poncho for the rain.
  • Plastic bags for your used clothes.
  • Sleeping bag (can be rented at Peru Andean Travel)
  • Flashlight with batteries, pocket knife, matches.
  • Camera.
  • Water bottle, preferably made of metal that can withstand heat.
  • Hat or cap to protect from the sun and cold.
  • High factor sun cream and insect repellant.
  • Toilet paper.
  • Snacks (cookies, energy bars, chocolate)
  • Towel.
  • Cash.
  • Tips for horsemen, guides and cooks (see note below).
  • Personal first aid kit.


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